• Misplaced Fortunes
    A new project about lost treasures and the dirt you find in the holes

  • North Las Vegas, ten years after the housing crash. Commissioned by The New York Times.

  • The studio of textile artist Helena Hernmarck in Ridgefield, CT.

  • SP-AN Pittsburgh for Google Design

  • Collected work for Herman Miller

  • Portraits and photos about people

  • Anchorage, Alaska for Monocle

  • A collection of photos about manufacturing and industrial landscapes

  • Moultrie
    A series that seeks beauty and solace in an industrial area of New York City not designed to provide either.

  • Mercer, PA, the home of Trent Reznor for The FADER

  • Can you spare an umbrella?
    A project inspired by the story of a town named California, PA, founded by westward travelers who never reached their intended destination.

  • A Map with Open Space
    A project that seeks clarity and patterns amidst non-sensical categorizations on a map of New York City.

  • Work commissioned by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

  • Please Touch, a book commissioned by The Gateway Foundation

  • Collected work about objects, structures and designers

  • Boeing Assembly for Monocle

  • Food